[Solved] Are Popups good for conversion rate?



We’re having trouble getting visitors to return to PTglory.com. Our main source of traffic is from Instagram and Twitter, but we find that once they land, they bounce and don’t return (Analytics shows that those who do return are doing so via the same channel they came in from in the first place – so they’re reacting to new content).

One idea we’ve had is to use an exit intent style popup encouraging people to sign up to a newsletter. But we’re worried that this will make us seem desperate to hook people.

Have you guys tested this?


(here’s our site in case it helps: http://www.ptglory.com )

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    I agree with David –  they are notoriously annoying, but they work.

    In your description you said that the majority of visitors arrive then bounce. If they return, they tend to return because of a new piece of content you’ve published on Instagram or Twitter.

    This suggests to me that you’ve really got nothing to lose by testing exit intent popups because the majority of your visitors are going to leave anyway without clicking deeper into the site – so you’ve already lost them.

    Why not try to grab a few as they head out the door? And in terms of sending them off with a bad impression and being worried about them coming back – it sounds like they come back based on the quality/stimulus of new content, rather than an unprompted intrinsic desire to see if anything is new.

    So your visitors are landing and returning based on the content you’re publishing. Think about designing an a/b test with three variations:

    1. No popup (control)
    2. Popup with messaging around “fear of missing out”
    3. Popup with messaging around “be the first to know”


    (and read the article recommended by David; it’s great!)

    Blair Keen selected as best answer
      • Thanks Blair – this sounds good. We’ll also try to find a way to measure any differences between new and returning visitors in the test report.


      We haven’t tested it personally but even if we did, it would be a case of ‘patterns’ where one thing on one website would not necessarily translate to another website such as yours.

      That being said, email popups are notoriously annoying from a user perspective, but if they work < 2% of the time, then from a business perspective it is useful. Indeed, they do work – we have various pop ups across some of our different sites and we’ve increased newsletter subscriptions sometimes into the 10,000s from just a few months. With well worded copy and a decent proposition, exit intent popups are known to work well.

      Also this is a decent article by Peep http://conversionxl.com/popup-defense/?hvid=2EcGFw

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