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How To Increase Your ‘Likes’ on Facebook

How To Increase Your ‘Likes’ on Facebook

Increasing your ‘Likes’ is essential

Facebook fan pages are rapidly being recognised as an essential tool for any brand or business wanting to harness the power of Social Media. The problem is, they’re only worthwhile if people click the ‘Like’ button! In this post I’m going to share with you a really powerful technique which you can use to increase the number of people that ‘Like’ yours.

Watch the video to learn how to increase your likes on Facebook:

To increase the number of people who click your ‘Like’ button, use a technique called ‘Fan-gating’

This means, that non-fans see a pre-determined page until they click the like button. After clicking the like button, they see another pre-determined page. Then if they subsequently visit the page again, they will see the wall. Cool eh?

The first step is to offer people something in return

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the basic rules of ‘fair and equitable exchange’ apply to human behaviour on Facebook too. In essence, this means that people are unlikely to take action (and ‘give’ you something) unless you offer them something valuable in return.

Next, you must instantly reward people for taking action

If you’ve promised them something, give it to them without delay. Having performed a successful ‘fair and equitable exchange’, you’ve now built up a increased level of permission which means you’re now able to ask for yet another exchange as shown in the video with the Air New Zealand example. In that case, people were asked to register their email address etc.

Now that you’re increasing your likes, don’t blow it

Don’t forget, that whatever you add to your wall will now appear in your fan’s activity feeds. To a certain degree, this means you should always remember why they gave you permission to ‘communicate’ with them in the first place. Stray too far (or too quickly) off this message, and they won’t hesitate to ‘unlike’ you!

Want to build an effective Facebook page?

A quick and easy way to get a professional Facebook page is with services like this one from North Social. Take a look, and let me know what you think below.

  1. anand10-11-11

    pls send me the html coding

    • Peter03-08-12

      The easiest way is to buy initial likes, and the genuine one will just keep coming. People tend to like what other peoples like. I use for starting up my new fanpages. Its easier than go into those exchange websites.


  2. James Johnson11-13-11

    You may also want to try out this new website called LIKE ENGINE. It works just like Twiends used to to get Facebook Fans. The site will increase your Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google +1′s, and YouTube views.Check out:

    • Blair11-18-11

      I’m a little wary of services like those James as they only tend to do one thing – fill up your accounts with spammers and other people simply trying to do the same thing: build their following.

      I think a better way is to understand your audience and publish valuable information that is consistently ‘on topic’. Sure – you’ll build your fans/followers more slowly, but at least you’ll end up with an audience that is relevant and therefore more likely to be engaged with you and your content.

      Having said that, I do think there’s a place for Facebook apps that improve the attractiveness and performance of your business/organisation’s Facebook page. A worthy example is this from North Social.

  3. Sarah @ The Dreamery12-01-11

    Woobox is also a good alternative to North Social, Blair – it has certainly been effective for us in terms of building referrals and our email database via facebook. Sarah

    • Blair12-02-11

      Thanks for mentioning Woobox Sarah – it definitely looks like a good option for building an email database. I also thought their group buying feature looked quite useful as well. Have you tried it?

      I don’t normally promote other people’s links here on Good Signal, however I think the page you’ve created for The Dreamery is a good example of what these Facebook apps can do for your business. With nearly 24,000 fans you must be doing something right!

      Check it out:

  4. Mayank05-19-12

    Nice read, gud suggestions!!

  5. Nitish Kapoor Pardaphash05-22-12

    great . . . .working!

  6. Blair05-25-12

    I’m aware of the MANY tools out there which allow you to purchase likes, friends and followers etc. If you’ve tried to add a comment here with a link to one of those services, then please don’t be surprised that I haven’t allowed it to be posted.

    My reason is because the purpose of this post is to help people use genuine techniques to build REAL audiences :)

  7. Tazib Murad05-28-12

    Nice. I have created a new facebook page.
    I want real likes there. What should I do?????

    • Blair05-28-12

      Hi Tazib,

      The first thing you should do is think about what your customers want. What do you have that they need? What can you offer them in return for their attention (like)?

      Once you’ve figured that out the rest is simple: watch the video and have a go at following the steps I’ve described :)

  8. Linda05-29-12

    Good day! I managed a few social media accounts and I agree that it’s easier to start with a paid service, so that when other genuine people start viewing it and see that it’s “popular,” they will most likely go ahead and like it.

    Though I would also have to agree that some paid services to increase likes and followers tend to fill up your account with spammers. I’ve tried a few of these, especially those that require you to follower other people. You then end up with a timeline full of spammy tweets, instead of content that can be relevant to your brand or help grow your network.

  9. James07-02-12

    Yes, This is the best tips to increase, I had use like button at the footer but when I shift it on the top it automatically increase. Thanks.

  10. Jaydip Parikh07-09-12

    Sounds interesting but this will be still works after Timeline ?

    • Blair07-09-12

      Hi Jaydip,

      You make a good point: timeline has changed one functional aspect of fan gating which is the ability to set a default landing tab for visitors who have not yet ‘liked’ the page. This means (at least as far as my research and usage has proven) is that you can no longer rely on the method described in my video for people who stumble across your Facebook fan page. You can however still ensure that any intentionally funnelled traffic sees your fan gate simply by using the exact URL for the tab which used to be your welcome tab. See for example:

      Having said that, the principles of offering people a clear benefit in return for liking the page still holds true. Facebook page owners should continue to consider this not just for any welcome tabs but for all content they choose to place in people’s activity feeds.

  11. AdsIndia07-11-12

    is it good to add facebook app on website or blog to increase fb likes

    • Blair07-24-12

      So long as there is a compelling reason for people to like your facebook page from within your app or blog, then yes. In experience though, the majority of likes have come from people participating within Facebook itself – not externally through website widgets.

  12. Kyle07-16-12

    I have seen rewarding my fans for sharing a status update or inviting a friend. It also is great way to keep fans active and social.

  13. Johne10-12-12

    Thank good post :)
    I think best and simple way to get more FB like and TW followers etc is
    Like and followers exchange such us ” ” to get more like and followers for free :)

  14. Non-profit Website10-23-12

    Even though growing your Facebook likes is important don’t forget to continue to grow both your email subscriber list and Twitter followers. Different users have different social network channels of choice and you need to be everywhere. “Synergize” multiple channels don’t “Monopolise”

  15. Lindsay Jackson10-24-12

    Hi Blair,
    My wife and I have just opened an online lingerie business and have been trying to build up our “Likes”. Thank you for your great info as I have been searching the web without much luck until your page ! I think the Fan-Gating isa great tool, I typed staticHTML and selected the star icon which led me to select Static HTML:iframe tab ! Is that the Fan-Gating app that I need and if so, how do I input my text and photos etc. or is that already set up to do in the App ?
    Hope you can help me
    Kind Regards
    Vicki J Designs

  16. rachit01-15-13

    nice article Blair. I have my doubts on how to implement Fan-Gating technique? Can you please help me with this?

    • Blair01-16-13

      Hi Rachit, thanks for reading the post. A lot has changed with Facebook pages since I published this post. Most notably has been the introduction of Timeline and the deprecation of ‘Welcome tabs’. All is not lost though! One new technique I recommend using is to publish links directly to your fan-gate app instead of to your facebook ‘main homepage address’. The principle of ‘giving people a reason to click the like button’ still applies. They’re giving you their attention – make it worth their while.

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