About Good Signal

GoodSignal.com – helping optimizers turn more visitors into customers

Good Signal exists to help optimizers collaborate in pursuit of building winning tests. There’s no hard sell here; this is simply a place for people in the Conversion Rate Optimization community to share ideas, ask questions, and gather feedback from other CRO professionals.

What you get from Good Signal

Effective CRO is based on a willingness to test and learn. This means your ideas won’t always win. But that doesn’t mean that you need to start from scratch wasting time on ideas that other CRO professionals have already tested and learn from! With Good Signal you’ll get feedback from expert optimizers about your ideas before you waste too much time or energy on things that are unlikely to yield positive outcomes.

Optimizers love testing! Something special happens when you deploy a test and see the results come in – even if you prove your hypothesis, you usually learn something new along the way. Good Signal is a place where you can share these results. Tell others what you’ve learned – the good, the bad, and the unexpected!

Participate in the Good Signal community to build better tests, win more often, and rapidly build your knowledge of experiment design and testing techniques. Help others and become recognised in the CRO community for your experience and expertise.

How to join Good Signal

Joining Good Signal is easy: simply register to use the site then get started by posting a question or answering someone else’s.